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    Duplicate service links appear in the SFX Menu

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: SFX
    • Product Version: 3

    Duplicate target services are appearing in the SFX Menu, when the user is accessing SFX from a certain source/vendor database

    There may be two possible reasons for this problem - # 1 is more common :
    1) a duplicate (local) source service exists in your SOURCE table for the source from which the user is accessing the SFX Menu. Check the source services, by clicking on the "S" button next to the source in question in your KBMANAGER SOURCE table. If a duplicate source service exists, deactivate or delete it.
    2) A local source with an identical Source ID value, i.e. sfx.sourcename attribute is defined in your KBMANAGER SOURCE table - this leads to a duplication of all target services in the menu - please make the Source ID values for each individual local source unique. Please note that in this context, the Source ID value is not the same as the sid value - it is an internal name that is assigned to the source if it is defined in the SFX KnowledgeBase. The sid value is assigned by the source/vendor database itself.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013