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How to extract OpenURL from a Primo Central, Alma and other sources

  • Product: Alma, SFX, Primo Central



How to extract OpenURL from a Primo Central / Alma record?


Extracting an OpenURL from a Primo UI

1. Search for the article, using the search box:



2. Once having a result, click on “View Online” tab, then Right-Click on “Open source in a new window” and select “Copy link address” (In Internet Explorer: “Copy Shortcut”).



3. The OpenURL is now in your clipboard. 
4. The OpenURL includes a base URL of the institution and the relevant meta-data of the title in question. For Example:, Victoria&rft.aucorp=&<ingram_myilibrary>9781283953177</ingram_myilibrary><grp_id>-8802996684232911491</grp_id><oa></oa>&rft.eisbn=9781780421827&rft_id=info:oai/&req.language=eng

5. If you have to send the OpenURL to Support, paste the OpenURL (using Ctrl+V) in the case comments.

Extracting global CZ identifier from an Alma local record

1. Search for the title in the main search field:


2. Click on title of the record:



3. Copy the CKB-ID that is located at 035a and paste it into the case comment



4. If the CKD-ID is not indicated, please find one of the following identifiers:

  1. 020 (ISBN)
  2. 022 (ISSN)
  3. Or another 035 identifier (eg. OCLC)
Extract OpenURL from other sources (for example: Google Scholar): 


1. Search for the title on Google Scholar:


2. Click on “Full Text” link at the desired title:



3. A new tab/window will open. Copy the URL address of the new tab:



4. If you have to send the OpenURL to Support, paste the OpenURL (using Ctrl+V) in the case comments.


Additional Information

What is an Open URL?

The OpenURL standard is a protocol for interoperability between an information resource and a service component. The underlying concept of the OpenURL standard is that links should lead a user to appropriate resources. A link server (such as SFX) defines the context of the user. When the link server accepts an OpenURL as input, it offers the user a range of services: such as links to licensed and/or free e-copies of full-text articles, physical library holdings information, docdel/ILL services, and a range of other services as defined and customized by the library.


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