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    How to Enable the Unpaywall (formerly oaDOI) Service on SFX

    Via SFX, you can make use of the Unpaywall service. This service can direct users to a free copy of an article that may otherwise be hidden, especially if it is an individual article in an institutional repository. By using the Unpaywall API, SFX checks if such a free copy is available and obtains the appropriate link to it.
    The Unpaywall service is provided by the ImpactStory team (
    To enable the Unpaywall service on your SFX:
    1. Activate the UNPAYWALL target and its service on the target list in the SFX Admin Center.
    2. Add your email address to the API call (the provider uses it to track usage and contact you in case there is any problem) by filling in your email address in the Linking Parameter (L/P) for the target UNPAYWALL/
    • Optional: Set a rule to only show the service if there is no other full text available.
      There is currently a rule (display logic) set to only show the service if there is no full text from publishers (non-aggregators) available. We strongly recommend that you change this rule to show the service only if there is no full text at all available (not just aggregators). Go to SFXAdmin > Menu Configuration > Display Logic and change the appropriate display logic in the list.

    For more information, see the SFX Target and Alma E-Collection Configuration Guide and the Alma documentation on Managing Electronic Resources.

    See also links at Alma and SFX.

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