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Journalsearch is not available (different unix username)

  • Product: SFX
  • Product Version: version 4
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


If the public names of your sfx instances are different from the unix usernames, for example sfx_local vs sfxlcl41, you may need to make manual changes to the local_httpd.config file.

  1. Login to SFX server as local instance and open following file for edit:
    •  /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/<local instance>/config/local_httpd.config
  2. Manually change instance name in 5 new RewriteRule directives in the beginning of the file or run following commands if you use 'vi' editor (mind spaces in second command):
    • :%s/\^\/old_name/new_name/
    • :%s/ \/old_name/ \/new_name/
  3. Restart local Apache

The 5 new rewrite rules that were added to the local_httpd.config file are:
  • RewriteRule ^/sfx_local(-([^/]+))?/api/sfxmenu/openurl/(.+) /sfx_local/cgi/core/api.cgi?restidentifier=sfxmenu&$2&$3 [QSA,PT,E=__INST_URL_PART:$1]
  • RewriteRule ^/sfx_local(-[^/]+)?/api/configuration/([^/]+)(/([^/]+))? /sfx_local/cgi/core/api.cgi?restidentifier=configuration&control_group=$2&control_section=$4 [QSA,PT,E=__INST_URL_PART:$1]
  • RewriteRule ^/sfx_local(-[^/]+)?/api/journalsearch/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/(.+) /sfx_local/cgi/core/api.cgi?restidentifier=journalsearch&profile=$2&searchtype=$3&searchterm=$4 [QSA,PT,E=__INST_URL_PART:$1]
  • RewriteRule ^/sfx_local(-[^/]+)?/api/multilanguage/([^/]+)/([^/]+) /sfx_local/cgi/core/api.cgi?restidentifier=multilanguage&language=$2&group=$3 [QSA,PT,E=__INST_URL_PART:$1]
  • RewriteRule ^/sfx_local(-[^/]+)?/journalsearch(.*) /sfx_local/az$2?param_perform_value=journalsearch [QSA,PT,E=__INST_URL_PART:$1]



  • Article last edited: 29-08-2017