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KBART Automation: Automatic Updates to Your Library Holdings

SFX supports KBART automation. KBART automation is a recommended NISO practice for the automated transfer of library holdings from a content provider to a Knowledgebase. The purpose is to localize the KnowledgeBase automatically by activating and deactivating titles in a title list, based on what the library has access to on the content provider’s platform. Especially for ebooks, but also for ejournals, this practice can save the library work and time and make content faster available to the library patrons.  KBART automation requires an API on the content provider side that allows the download of a KBART formatted holdings file, a unique token or key identifying the individual institution, and a process on the KnowledgeBase side to query the API, download the holdings file on a regular basis, and localize a collection (target) that is specifically added for this purpose. 

SFX currently supports KBART automation for the following providers:

The following figure shows the KBART automation flow with SFX:


 KBART Automation Flow with SFX