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    Usage Statistics for bX in SFX Admin Center

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: SFX
    • Product Version: 4


    What statistics queries in SFX Admin Center are relevant to bX usage ?


    Statistics that include bX data are:
    *Query 2 (# requests/clickthroughs by source) recorded with the source "info:sid/” – counts # of times a recommendation was selected in the bX menu.
    *Query 4 (#requests/ clickthroughs per service type) – the bX service is getRecommendation.
    *Query 8 (# of clickthroughs per target service) – the bX target is BX_RECOMMENDER_SERVICE-getRecommendation
    *Query 15 (Services preferred over full-text)

    Additional Information

    No current Statistics query that counts bX recommendation clickthroughs when FullText is unavailable
    SID meaning in SFX statistics:
    SID = bx-menu - When bX which is integrated in the SFX menu generates an SFX menu the SID is bx-menu
    SID = bx-target - When SFX menu is generated by a bX via Primo (recommendations tab) the SID is bx-target. bX via Primo is a tile on Primo and is generated by bX (not by Primo).

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    • Article last edited: 6/15/2014
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