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    Where Are SFX Logo and Button Files Located

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: SFX
    • Product Version: 4


    The SFX Menu logo can be changed from the SFX Admin, but where can the logos for the other SFX user interfaces be changed (for example, the AZ List)?


    All addresses below are relative to the img directory (see Additional Information)

    SFX Menu
    * SFX button, aka swirlie = sfxmenu/sfx.gif (also sent to vendor/Source)
    * header logo
    * * The header logo image files can be uploaded from the Admin via Configuration > Menu Configuration > Menu Design > Select Image
    * * The uploaded files are stored at /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/<instance>/templates/img/simplified_template1/banners/custom
    * * Large ExLibris logo = sfxmenu/header.gif
    * * Small ExLibris SFX = sfxmenu/tl_sfx.gif

    AZ List
    * SFX button = azlist_ver3/sfx.gif
    * header logo = azlist_ver3/header.gif

    MOBILE AZ List
    * SFX button = azlist_ver3/sfx.gif
    * header logo = azlist_ver3/logo_sfx.png (NOTE THE PNG FILE HERE)

    AZ Book List
    * SFX button = same as AZ list button
    * header logo = same as AZ list header

    Citation Linker
    * no button
    * header logo = citation/header.gif
    * * probably needed if Citation Linker is removed from the AZ interface

    * SFX button = bX/bx_icon_sfx.png (NOTE THE PNG FILE HERE)
    * no header logo

    * SFX button = citation/sfx.gif
    * header logo = sfxmenu/header.gif (NOT in the img/multiobject directory!)
    * There is no direct link to view the multiobject interface. This search usually works: SFX OpenURL Generator > journal title = biochemistry

    Direct Link Logo

    Additional Information

    * Note: To access the img directory (/exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/<instance>/templates/img/), enter
    > tm
    > cd img

    * Images can be viewed in a browser @ http://<sfx_server_name>:<port>/<sfx_instance>/img/<module_directory>/<file_name>

    * Ex Libris recommends retaining the original file name to avoid editing the standard templates.

    * If the default images are being changed, create backups using "mv", for example,
    > mv header.gif header.gif.bak

    * See also, Advanced User's Guide > Changing Images in the SFX Menu

    * The standard SFX header may be between 455 pixels and 700 pixels wide. The height does not matter, but if the banner is too tall it may force users to scroll more.

    * The Mobile SFX header is 213 pixels wide x 52 pixels tall. Ex Libris recommends retaining this size.


    • Article last edited: 3/13/2014