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    SFX 3 Foundations


    The SFX Foundations course covers the basics of SFX for new SFX users, as well as current SFX users who need to refresh their skills in SFX tasks.

    Please follow the order of the lesson, and complete the related exercises.


    Course objectives:

    • Become familiar with the terminology used by SFX
    • Understand the different pieces of data within SFX and how they relate to one another
    • Be able to find individual bibliographic items within SFX
    • Be able to activate an ejournal package where license all of the content the provider sells for that particular package
    • Be able to input your own institution specific local holdings for an item in SFX


    This course requires the use of AT&T Connect Participant Application to view the recordings. Please download and install it from here.


    This course includes the following sessions:

    Module 1 - Sfx Introduction & First Steps


    Module 2 - Sfx Targets - Activation and Settings


    Module 3 - Sfx Linking - Behind the Scenes with OpenURL 


    Module 4 - KB Management and Reporting


    Module 5- SFX User Interface - SFX Menu and A-Z List


    Module 6- SFX Systems Administration


    Course duration:

    5 hours 9 minutes

    Intended audience:

    Collection development librarians, System librarians


    Course handouts:

    Agenda and Recording Guide Handout

    Exercise Booklet

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