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    Discrepancy between filtered content types versus search results in Summon

    • Product: Summon


    When using Content Type facets to limit Summon search results, we still see results containing other content types. Why is this happening?


    Content Type Example.JPG


    Although each individual Summon record uses a unique Content Type, search results can represent 'merged-for-display' records rather than individual records.

    'Merged-for-display' records can be composed of multiple records from different sources, including those outside your institution, so they may use more than one content type. The content type that displays in the interface may not necessarily be the same as the content type found by the filter. Such circumstances can lead to apparent discrepancies in search results.

    The decision to assign one content type over another for a particular record can also vary from provider to provider, or from one source of records to another.

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