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    What determines whether Image Spotlight shows in Summon?

    • Product: Summon



    What determines whether Image Spotlight shows in Summon?


    1. At least five records meeting the following criteria must be retrieved in the Summon search for Image Spotlight to display.


    The Content Type needs to match one of the following:

    • archival material
    • art
    • clothing
    • drawing
    • graphic arts
    • images
    • maps
    • paintings
    • photographs


    2. Relevancy:

    - The records (or at least the top-most record) must be relevant enough compared to the overall result set, or the Image Spotlight will not display despite the other criteria being met.

    - The highest position the Spotlight can be positioned is the third result.

    - However, its final position depends on the relevance of its top document to the main search.

    - If the top document contained in the Spotlight is part of the top ten documents in the main search, it will be positioned at that document's original position (but not higher than the third position).

    - Otherwise, the results will be boosted, and if found to be relevant enough, they will be set somewhere on the lower half of the top ten results.

    - If the results are not relevant enough, the spotlight will be omitted.


    Additional Information

    Summon: Content Spotlighting Feature



    • Article last edited: 16-Jun-2017