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    Summon: Content Spotlighting Feature

    • Product: Summon

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    What is the Summon Content Spotlighting feature?

    The Summon Content Spotlighting feature is available to those libraries using the Summon 2.0 interface and features.

    The Content Spotlighting feature highlights particular content types and groups results of those types together on the Summon search results page. A unique visual style differentiates each of these content types from scholarly journal and book content in search results, making them easier to identify and interact with.

    For example, here are results from newspapers, grouped together under "News results for biotechnology":
    Content spotlighting - newspapers

    The content spotlighting feature supports items in the Summon Index with the following content types:
    • Archival Material
    • Art
    • Clothing
    • Drawings
    • Graphic Arts
    • Images
    • Maps
    • Newspapers
    • Paintings
    • Photographs
    Summon automatically uses the spotlighting feature to display the above content types to your users.
    The rest of this document will explain the following:

    How Content Spotlighting Works

    When Summon presents a patron with search results, content types listed above are grouped into a single area (or "spotlight").
    For images, the spotlight will show the images that are relevant to the search in a horizontal row:
    Summon Results Page - Content Spotlighting
    The patron can hover over an image to see a larger version, as well as see a link to the online image and an indication of the source of the image. The patron can also see more image results by clicking the grey bars with black pointers at each end of the row of images and "scrolling" to other images. Supported content types for this horizontal display of images includes: archival material, art, clothing, drawing, graphic arts, images, maps, paintings, and photographs.
    For results from newspapers, the spotlight will show three search results grouped with a grey bar on the left side:
    content spotlighting - newspapers
    The first result will show more detail; the second and third will just show title and source, although as always the patron can hover over the titles and see full citation details in the right pane.
    To see only results of the type that is spotlighted, the patron can click the link at the top of the spotlight (for example, "News results for biotechnology" ) and a new set of results will appear with only newspaper results.
    The spotlight feature was created for two situations:
    1. If a patron realizes they actually wanted to search just for images or newspaper articles, they can quickly see that type of result and get to the new search.
    2. Alternatively, if the patron realizes they didn't want to see image results or newspaper articles, those results are all contained in a smaller results group, rather than each appearing as full result entries throughout the search results.

    How to Customize Content Spotlighting

    Use the Translations page in the Summon Administration Console to change the text of labels related to this feature.

    Use the Search Results section of the Settings page in the Summon Administration Console to turn ON/OFF image spotlighting and/or spotlighting for the other content types listed above.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 24-Jun-2015
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