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    Summon: Searching in Identifier Fields

    • Product: Summon

    How are identifiers searched in the Summon UI?

    Most identifier fields in Summon (such as ISBN and DOI) are defined as type "string" and are processed differently from other fields (such Title and Abstract), which are defined as type "text" and are subject to normal text analysis processing. With string identifier fields, the entire contents of the field is treated as one searchable unit and requires string processing. For basic searches, Summon users can specify search identifier fields using field search syntax, or they can select the identifier fields in Summon’s Advanced Search interface.


    Field Search Syntax in Basic Search

    String identifier fields are case-sensitive, and the search query terms must exactly match the field values, including punctuation symbols and whitespace. When using the field search syntax, users should enclose each search term in double quotes so that punctuation, symbols, and whitespace are processed as part of the identifier. For example: LCCallNum_Ident:"E169.Z8 S83 2012" 

    For advanced searches, Summon automatically wraps the search term with double quotes in string identifier fields.

    Exceptions: The following exceptions apply to string identifier fields:

    • The ISBN, EISBN, ISSN, EISSN, IsbnAll and IssnAll fields allow searching with or without the hyphen. The following examples are equivalent: ISBN:”0140053204” and ISBN:”0-14-005320-4”.

    • The DOI field is case-insensitive.

    • The Call Number field has the following variations:

      • LCCallNum – This is the text version of the Library of Congress call number.

      • LCCallNum_Ident – This is the string version of the Library of Congress call number. Summon API users should use this field if exact matches are desired.

      • NLMCallNum – The National Library of Medicine call number is a string field.

      • DisplayCallNum – This field stores library-specific call numbers, which may or may not be the same as LCCallNum or NLMCallNum. This is a string field.

      • CallNumAll – This field maps to LCCallNum_Ident, NLMCallNum, and DisplayCallNum.

    The following table lists the supported identifier fields, their processing type, and whether they are supported in advanced searches. For advanced search configuration details, see Settings: Advanced Search.

    Field Name Advanced Search Interface Label Type
    CallNumAll Call Number string (maps to multiple fields)
    LCCallNum N/A text
    LCCallNum_Ident N/A string
    NLMCallNum N/A string
    DisplayCallNum N/A string
    IsbnAll ISBN string (maps to ISBN and EISBN)
    ISBN N/A string
    EISBN N/A string
    IssnAll ISSN string (maps to ISSN and EISSN)
    ISSN N/A string
    EISSN N/A string
    CODEN CODEN string
    DEWEY Dewey string
    DOI DOI string
    OCLC OCLC Number string
    PatentNumber Patent Number string
    EAN EAN string
    ERIC ERIC string
    ISMN ISMN string
    LCCN LCCN string
    NAICS NAICS string
    ORCID ORCID string
    PCID PCID string
    PMID PMID string
    PQID PQID string
    PQPubID PQPubID string
    SSID SSID string
    UPC UPC string
    DUNS DUNS string
    SICI SICI string

    • Date Created: 4-Nov-2021
    • Last Edited Date: 4-Nov-2021
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