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    Ulrichsweb: Status Updates and Release Notes

    • Product: Ulrichs

    Where can I find release notes and a status update for the Ulrich's services?

    February 7, 2024

    The following enhancements are now available in Ulrichsweb:

    • Accessibility WCAG 1.3.1 updates.

    • The Expand publishers list no longer has an arbitrary display limit.

    June 10, 2020

    The following enhancement is now available in Ulrichsweb:

    • Updated the Syndetics URL to use HTTPS so that images always display correctly in Chrome.

    December 12, 2019

    The following enhancement is now available in Ulrichsweb:

    • Cover images displayed in Ulrichsweb are provided by to ensure that they are up-to-date and consistent across all ProQuest/Ex Libris products.

    August 1, 2019

    The following enhancement is now available in Ulrichsweb:

    • Updated the link from Ulrichsweb to Journal Citation Reports (JCR) to link directly to the domain.

    May 15, 2019

    The following enhancements are now available in Ulrichsweb:

    New Features

    • Users can freely link to the Jisc's SherpaRoMEO service for information about author-rights policies on a journal by journal basis. This new linking option is intended to provide librarians and researchers with additional transparency into journal and publisher policies for the self-archiving of articles by faculty and other authors. Links appear in the form of the official Sherpa/RoMEO logo on all Academic/Scholarly records in Title Details displays. Ulrichsweb Administrators can enable this free link in the Administration Console.

    Product Improvements and Issue Resolution

    • Verified 'Refereed' indicators denoting peer-reviewed status have been added to an additional 400 Academic/Scholarly publications.

    • Clicking on the Admin link in the Ulrichsweb navigation bar opens the Client Center login page in a new window/browser tab.

    February 27, 2019

    The following enhancements are now available in Ulrichsweb:

    User Interface Localization

    • Language translations have been expanded, or in some cases updated, for the following localization options:  French, French Canadian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

    Integration with 360 Core E-Journal Portal 2.0

    • The link from the 360 Core E-Journal Portal 2.0 to journal title details in Ulrichsweb has been restored. Customers will no longer receive the "We do not have enough information" message.

    Ulrichsweb API

    • Ulrichsweb API documentation fully migrated to the new Ex Libris Developer Network.

    • The bug that required the user to click the "Detailed Technical Documentation" (Swagger console) link twice before successfully linking from a Developer Network documentation page has been fixed.

    November 8, 2018

    The following enhancements are now available in Ulrichsweb:

    A&I updates

    • More frequent update cycles are implemented for hundreds of Abstracting & Indexing (A&I) sources. The updates provide the most current coverage information available and enable more effective Advanced Search overlap analysis comparing A&I Sources to one another and to Full-Text Sources.

    API joins the Ex Libris Developer Network

    • Ulrichsweb API version 2.0 documentation is now available in the Ex Libris Developer Network. Ulrichsweb API users can now easily share their implementation code, learn from colleagues at other Ex Libris libraries, and join in developer community discussions. The Ulrichsweb  API documentation can be found using the 'Docs' drop-down menu on the Developer Network's main navigation bar.

    August 2, 2018

    The following enhancements are now available in Ulrichsweb:

    New Features

    • My Ulrich's Accounts

      • Expanded Administrator permissions in the Ulrichsweb Administration Console to update or delete data for individual My Ulrich’s accounts

      • A ProQuest data-use consent email is automatically generated for every new My Ulrich’s account
    • Ulrichsweb API version 2.0

      • New output fields:  Variant Titles, Title History Details, Publication History, Corporate Author, Related Serials, Magazines for Libraries™ Reviews

    Product Improvements and Issue Resolution

    • Searching

      • Phrase searching using quotation marks around search terms is restored

      • Boolean OR operator is not needed to search multiple ISSN at once

      • Asterisk (*) and question mark (?) wildcards are restored

      • Proximity searching using the tilde (~) and a numeric value are restored

      • ISSN with check-digit values of ‘X’ no longer require quotation marks 

    • Search Results

      • View Details preserves the order of titles selected from the Search Results list

    • User-defined Lists

      • Corrupted date formats are corrected to display as calendar dates

    • API Documentation

      • Ulrichsweb API documentation site now works in IE 11 and Edge browsers

    • Product Access

      • Successful username/password logon resolves directly to the main application page

    • Updated page footer points to the latest versions of Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy

    May 11, 2018

    The following enhancements are now available in Ulrichsweb:

    • Ulrichsweb API, version 2.0

      • The scope of the Ulrichsweb API is expanded with this release, providing more search options, results-filtering capability, and updated documentation (see Ulrichsweb API).

      • New search options include Subject, Country, Format, Frequency, Alternate Title and more.

      • New results-filtering options include Status, Refereed, Academic/Scholarly, Open Access.

      • Version 2.0 is released as an upgrade to version 1.0 so that libraries can begin using version 2.0 with an existing Ulrichsweb API Key. No migration is required.

    • New options in the Document Delivery Service index

      • British Library, FIZ AutoDoc, and RightFind are added to the Document Delivery Service search and limiter features in Advanced Search.

      • You can search or filter on one or more Document Delivery Service names to get a list of publications from which the supplier can fulfill article delivery. Links in matching records go directly to the supplier’s web page.

    • Users can delete their My Ulrich’s accounts

      • Individuals who have chosen to create a My Ulrich’s account in their institution’s Ulrichsweb instance now have full capability to permanently delete their own accounts – and no longer need to contact Ex Libris Support to do this. Deleted accounts remove all of the user’s personal information, saved settings, and Ulrich’s Alerts profiles.

    • Other features

      • Solr 7.2 upgrade – Ulrichsweb’s underlying search platform is updated as part of this release to enable more robust searching, deeper indexing, expansion of the Ulrichsweb API, and support for new features and functionality.

      • Branding update – Ulrichsweb now displays the Ex Libris logo.

    March 23, 2018

    The following enhancements are now available in Ulrichsweb:

    • Maintenance release: Infrastructure upgrades for HTTPS and load balancing.

      • As a result of this release, customers should no longer experience an intermittent friendly error (“We’re sorry but something went wrong”) that returns the user to the main Ulrichsweb application screen during an active session.

    June 15, 2017

    The following enhancements are now available in Ulrichsweb:

    • Accessibility improvements throughout the interface make the UI friendlier and more efficient for users of screen readers and assistive technologies.

    • Monthly Ulrich's Alert notifications are now sent out with an Ex Libris subject line ("Ex Libris - Your Monthly Ulrich's Alerts"), so look for them in your mailbox under their updated name.

    • Support links and messages now point users directly to the Ex Libris Support Portal for technical assistance. Updated support messages have been translated into all languages available for Ulrichsweb UI localization.  Contextual help continues to be available and is not impacted. 

    November 12, 2016

    Ulrichsweb's security protocol has been updated. Note that if your library is using EZ Proxy version 5.4 (2011) or older, you should consider OCLC's recommendation to upgrade to version 6. See OCLC's Install, Set Up, & Update page for more information. Remaining on EZ Proxy version 5.4 or older will likely cause issues with remote users' ability to access Ulrichsweb.

    July 24, 2015

    The following enhancement is now available in Ulrichsweb:
    • Usage Reports: Reports are now available to Intota users, and Client Center users now have the ability to view these reports on the Intota Assessment platform with stronger reporting capabilities. Client Center users continue to have access to the usage reports on the legacy reporting platform; we will keep you informed of when the usage reports will be available solely on the Intota Assessment platform.

    March 28, 2014

    The following enhancement is now available in Ulrichsweb:
    • New Advanced Search functionality: Alternate language names for companies are now searchable using the Publisher field. An alternate language name displays with other Publisher and Ordering information in Title Details.

    December 6, 2013

    The following enhancement is now available in Ulrichsweb:
    • New Advanced Search option: Improve acquisitions and save time with new Ulrichsweb Full Text Sources Advanced Search option. See example in Sample Searches document.

    June 22, 2013

    We released updates to several services.
    • Interface localization enhancements include translated labels in the Abstracting & Indexing section, as well as corrected and improved Traditional Chinese translations.
    • The grid display of Title Changes in the Ulrich's Update feature has been improved.
    In addition, there will be enhancements to other services.

    May 3, 2013

    We have made fixes to small issues that you, our clients, have told us about.

    March 30, 2013

    We released the following enhancements to Ulrichsweb:
    • An updated and expanded Ulrichsweb User Guide is now available.
    • Additional language localization support:
      • More translations will be added for the Frequency field's controlled vocabulary and will display in Search Results and Title Details view.
      • For account administrators, localized Ulrichsweb Usage Statistics in the Client Center will be available.
    • Enhancements to the Ulrichsweb API:
      • Updated and expanded technical documentation for libraries implementing the API.
      • A new document answers the question, "What fields are available in Ulrichsweb API output?"
    • More fixes to issues our clients like you have suggested!
    We also released new features and fixes to the Client Center, 360 Resource Manager, 360 Counter, and 360 Link.

    July 21, 2012

    We released improvements to Ulrichsweb (and other services as well), including the following:
    • Bibliographic data for more than 6,000 Chinese titles have been added, expanding the range of information about Chinese-language journals and databases available to librarians and researchers across a wide variety of subject disciplines.
    • The Language index was expanded to include Kalaallisut (one of the official languages of Greenland), to help users identify newly-added publications available in that language. Ulrichsweb now indexes periodicals in over 200 languages.
    • Title-level links to the new Journal Citation Reports (JCR Web ) 2011 Edition are now available to subscribers of that service directly from Ulrichsweb records. Your Ulrichsweb account administrator can enable linking to your JCR Web account in the Ulrichsweb Administration Console.

    May 18, 2012

    The following enhancements are available:
    • Language localization
      • Help files are now localized for speakers and readers of Quebec French (fran ais qu b cois).
      • Czech has been added as the newest interface localization option.
    • The number of items matching a search is now recorded and displayed in Search History.
    • Users with a personalized My Ulrich's account can now save their preferred Search Results column settings for future sessions.
    • The Publisher, Online Provider, A&I Service, Country of Publication, and Document Delivery Services indexes have been tuned to return greater precision with auto-complete of search terms.
    • A new data field, Journal Website URL, has been added to the Special Features field group in Ulrich's XML Data Service to enable linking to additional details about free and subscription resources.

    Jan. 27, 2012

    Several improvements to Ulrichsweb -- as well as other services -- were released on Jan. 27, 2012, including the top three requests for enhancements based on the October 2011 Ulrichsweb customer survey results:
    • Display A&I Availability data sources together in Title Details views: All abstracting and indexing (A&I) sources, whether electronic or print, are displayed under a single section called Abstracting & Indexing. Full-text database availability data is still shown in the Online Availability section.
    • Remove the Ulrich's Serials Analysis System tab for non-subscribers: The tab for Ulrich's Serials Analysis System (USAS) only displays on Ulrichsweb if your organization subscribes to USAS. An administrator's link to Ulrich's Serials Analysis System has been added in the Client Center in the Business Intelligence Tools section.
    • More localization languages: French Canadian -- another in the series of language options has been added to the interface.
    • Bug fixes in this release:
      • Copyright Clearance Center linking syntax has been updated.
      • "We're sorry, but something went wrong" error that displayed in Title Details after the Dec. 3 release has been removed.
      • A system limitation on the number of records you can export from Ulrichsweb Usage Statistics has been removed.
    To see what some of the above changes look like, see these screenshots and examples.
    In addition, we have included new videos to help you better understand how you can use Ulrichsweb in your library.

    Dec. 3, 2011

    We continue to enhance Ulrichsweb on the one-year anniversary of the new platform: Many improvements to Ulrichsweb were released on Dec. 2, 2011. (Visual representations of some of these enhancements and bug fixes are available.):
    • "Edition Type" facet in Search Results: This new option streamlines title counts in your search results. Users can choose to display titles for primary editions (usually print format), titles for related serials and other editions, or historic titles.
    • "End Year" option in Advanced Search: This feature helps users identify journals and databases that have ceased publication in a specific year or range of years. It will be particularly useful to those who use Ulrichsweb to track trends in serials publishing.
    • Website URL Filter: The new filter named "Website URL," located in the Key Features facet, allows users to limit results to those that contain a URL in the basic description section of the Title Details page.
    • Enhancements to Title Details views: Title History details, including title and ISSN changes, are now displayed for alternate media editions of a title. Users no longer have to view the Title Details of the primary format edition (usually the print edition) in order to learn this valuable information.
    • Thousands of alternate titles, including parallel-language titles and variant titles, have been added to the Title index, making it possible for users to search for and find a publication using any of the titles associated with it.
    • Download and Export: Users who sort their search results by title, publisher, or another column before selecting items for email or download will see their sort order preserved in their email and download files.
    • Bug fixes in this release:
      • Corrections were made to Chinese- and French-language translations where needed.
      • Ulrichsweb Usage Statistics Report Limiter now shows consistent results.
      • Consistent format for the Ulrich's Alerts in English. (Ulrich's Alerts will be localized in an upcoming release.)
      • Ulrichsweb help files are no longer accessible from the open Web. Access remains available to authorized users who access Ulrichsweb through username and password or institutional IP access.

    Sept. 16, 2011

    Many improvements to Ulrichsweb were released on Sep. 16, 2011. (Visual representations of some of these enhancements and bug fixes are available.):
    • All Search Results icons now show by default. (Previously, only the Refereed/Peer-Reviewed icon displayed by default.) The default display of all special feature icons will make it easier for users to quickly identify notable characteristics of titles.
    • Subject facet in Search Results are now discipline-based: The new scope of the Subject Areas facet make it easier for patrons, as well as for librarians, to identify titles in broader subject areas of interest. Specific subjects are displayed in Title Details and may be searched using Advanced Search.
    • New Advanced Search options: The index previously labeled 'Subject' was renamed Subject (Keyword) for clarity; a new Subject (Exact) index with an auto-suggest feature lets you conduct searches for specific Ulrich's subjects and sub-classifications; the new Document Delivery Service index lets you pinpoint the titles for which article delivery is available from a specific document supplier; a new Country of Publication option helps you identify international titles more easily.
    • Title Details page: A new Publication History field was added to the Basic Description section to provide you with an easy way to learn about the changes to a publication over its lifetime.
    • Additional language localization options: Danish, Portuguese (Continental)
    • Table of Contents (ToC) citations can now be exported to RefWorks.
    • Bug fixes in this release:
      • Make entry of an OCLC FirstSearch Authorization Number optional in the Administration Console for linking to
      • Improve the display of search results by better aligning column headers and column contents
      • Remove OpenURL links from TOCs in addition to removing links title-level records when the OpenURL check box is de-selected in the Administration Console
      • Improve Advanced Search option displays for Firefox 3.6 users
      • Retain Unicode characters users enter in the Corrections feature

    July 15, 2011

    Several new features and functionality were released to Ulrichsweb during our upgrade on July 15, 2011.
    To see visual representations of some of these enhancements and bug fixes, please click here.
    • Make Key Features Facet options Boolean AND: Previously, the operator for the Key Features facet was "OR;" however, now it is "AND." So now you can combine the specific features you want every title in your search results to have. For example, if you tick the boxes for "Journal Citation Reports" and "Refereed/Peer-Reviewed," all of the titles that result from that action will be both peer-reviewed and listed in the most recent edition of JCR Web. This enhancement provides functionality similar to what was an Advanced-Search screen feature in the legacy Ulrichsweb service.
    • The column named "Select Columns" has been changed to "Change Columns," for clarity.
    • Refereed/Peer-Reviewed icon: This icon has been set as a default column on the search results screen. The Title History icon and other icons and columns may still be displayed for the duration of a session by selecting columns from the Change Columns option.
    • The option named "Retain my search options" has been changed to "Retain my Advanced Search options" for clarity.
    • Title Details page: A new Price Comments field has been added to the Price Details section; the display of Editor information has been reformatted; contact information has been added for Corporate Authors; and the Status field now displays status history data.
    • The WorldCat target link is now, making it possible for users at any institution to look for publications in a local library. FirstSearch authorization is not required, but FirstSearch users may log in from the site for additional options.
    • Mutual subscription-service links, such as JCR Web and ScienceDirect, are now available from either the print edition or online edition record of the same title.
    • Updates to Search Results online contextual Help.
    Bug fixes in this release:
    • Make LC Number searches case-insensitive
    • Enable OpenURL links directly to Title Details after users log in to Ulrichsweb
    • Improve access to, and readability of, online Help pages
    • Correct the telephone number in new "My Ulrich's" account email confirmations
    • Correct alignment of OPAC and linking-partner icons in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)
    • Allow IE7 users to uncheck the "Retain my Advanced Search options" link
    • Let users of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) use the Enter key to submit searches
    • Eliminate IE7 and IE8 errors when Help links are selected in certain languages

    May 8, 2011

    The following new features and functionality were released to Ulrichsweb during our upgrade on May 6, 2011:
    • The new URL for Ulrichsweb may require your library to adjust your proxy settings.
    • Tables of Contents (ToC): Users can click on citations in ToC to look for article full-text using your library's OpenURL link resolver. Users can also export ToC citations to bibliographic citation managers. (See examples here.)
    • A "More Like This" option: A new icon appears next to Ulrich's Subjects on the Title Details page that will run a new search on that subject. This is an easy way to help users discover similar journals of interest. (See an example here.)
    • "Did you mean?" search suggestion feature: Users who enter a term in the Search box that is not found in the Ulrichsweb index, but which is like a similar term in the index, now have the Google-like option to rerun the search using the similar term. (See an example here.)
    • The OPAC Name field is no longer required to enable OPAC linking in the Administration Console. (See an example here.)
    • The Country of Publication limiter in Advanced Search displays alphabetically within the language selected for interface localization.
    • Updates to Advanced Search online contextual Help
    • Updated Terms and Conditions posted here.
    NOTE: We previously announced that users going to the legacy Ulrichsweb URL ( will automatically be redirected to the enhanced Ulrichsweb service ( This redirection will begin on May 16, 2011. After that time, legacy Ulrichsweb usage statistics will no longer be logged, and Ulrichsweb administration options and new usage statistics will only be available through the Client Center. If you have questions about what you need to do to prepare for this, scroll down this page to the entry for Dec. 20, 2010.

    March 23, 2011

    An important URL redirection will occur after May 16, 2011. All users who go to the legacy Ulrichsweb URL will automatically be redirected to the enhanced Ulrichsweb service after May 16, 2011.
    All subscribers should begin to use the enhanced Ulrichsweb service now.
    Your library's access to the new Ulrichsweb platform has been activated in the Client Center. Any IP access ranges or administrative login credentials you had set up in the legacy Ulrichsweb service have been automatically enabled in the enhanced Ulrichsweb service so that you can begin to use it right away. Please visit the Client Center to confirm your Ulrichsweb preferences and settings for Linking Partner options, OPAC linking, OpenURL linking, and other features.

    Feb. 11, 2011

    The enhanced Ulrichsweb was enhanced with several features:
    • The Ulrich's API Key can no longer be accidentally changed by library staff. Please contact our staff (using the Support Portal option menu near the top of this page) to request access to Ulrich's API or to generate a new API Key.
    • You can now remove Admin privileges for a My Ulrich's Administrative Account in the Ulrichsweb Administration Console. (Admin privileges allows a My Ulrich's account holder to edit and delete all read-only lists in Ulrichsweb.)
    • The name of the library you are logged into when working in Ulrichsweb is now displayed to the left of the Select Language drop-down menu. You can also easily change to a different library profile by clicking the End Session link in the bottom-right corner.
    • The enhanced Ulrichsweb User Interface is now available in Dutch and Korean.
    • Contextual Help for Ulrichsweb is now available in German.
    • Totals for Usage Statistics Reports are now available in the Ulrich's Usage Statistics section of the Client Center.

    Dec. 20, 2010

    The Ulrichsweb interface has been enhanced to make it possible for librarians and researchers to take advantage of how Ulrich's has grown and evolved to meet changing information needs. Enhancements include: new search capabilities, export and research sharing options, personalization and localization options, and further integration with 360 services and Summon.
    NOTE: Be advised that users who go to the URL for the old Ulrichsweb interface after May 16, 2011, will automatically be redirected to the enhanced Ulrichsweb service. You will need to take some actions before that time.
    For more information on this, please register for a webinar, watch a video, or see the following documents:

    Feb. 5, 2010

    Updated Product Navigation Bars: New navigation bars, for both services, make it easier for you and your patrons to identify and access key areas and functions of the services. Click here for further details on this enhancement.
    Serials Solutions 360 KB Data Displays in the Ulrich's Services: Information about where serials are available in online full-text format are now drawn directly from the Serials Solutions 360 KB knowledgebase and displayed in Ulrichsweb records. Coverage of full-text databases tracked in 360 KB are available in the Aggregator Comparison Reports module of Ulrich's Serials Analysis System.

    June 19, 2009

    • New help files in PDF are available on Ulrichsweb and Ulrich's Serials Analysis System. Users can open individual files directly from the Help pages to view topic-specific information, or click through to the Support Center to view the complete product User Guides ( Ulrichsweb and USAS).
    • Tables of Contents in Ulrichsweb have moved from monthly updates to every-other-week updates.
    • The Ulrichsweb logout URL will once again resolve to the URL specified in My Account. (bug fix)
    • "Click for Open Access" linking on OA journal full records appears for all clients. Users can now click the link to go directly to the journal home page. (bug fix)
    • Designation "OR Address Unverified" has been removed from the Search Results screen, since this status is no longer found in Ulrich's.
    • Ulrich's Update pages and the homepage links to them have been synchronized. Users can now view Newly-Added Titles, Title Changes, Cessations, Title Mergers, and the Online Archive of Changes. (bug fix)
    • The Terms of Use page has been updated to reflect the new email address for legal/permissions requests.
    • ProQuest privacy policy link has been updated to reflect the new URL for that information.

    May 8, 2009

    • User Guide linked to Support Center from the product navigation bar "User Guide" button
    • Updates to product home page links
      • Product brochure (PDF)
      • Contact Your Sales Representative
    • Refresh of full-text online provider availability data on the Other Editions/Formats tab
    • Refresh of A&I database availability data display on the Abstracting, Indexing & Article Access tab
    Ulrich's Serials Analysis System
    • User Guide linked to Support Center from the product navigation bar "User Guide" button
    • Updates to product home page links:
      • Product brochure (PDF)
      • Contact Your Sales Representative
    • Refresh of vendor and journal database drop-down options in Aggregator Comparison Reports
      • Newly-added with this release:
        • Elsevier - Decision Sciences Web
        • Elsevier - ECONbase
        • Emerald - Emerald Backfile Titles
        • Emerald - Emerald Management Xtra 160
        • Highwire -- Royal Society Journals
        • IGI Global - Journal E-Access
        • IGI Global - InfoSci-Journals
        • ProQuest -- ProQuest Library Science
        • SAGE eReference Backlist Collection
        • SAGE eReference Title List A-Z
        • SAGE eReference 2007 Collection
        • SAGE eReference 2008 Collection
        • SAGE eReference 2009 Collection
    • Moved with this release:
      • Blackwell Journals removed as an Aggregator. All Blackwell collections are now listed under the vendor name "Wiley Interscience (Blackwell collections)".
      • The Haworth Press removed as an Aggregator. All Haworth titles are now listed under the vendor name "Taylor & Francis (Informaworld)".
      • Multilingual Matters/Channel View removed as an Aggregator. All Multilingual Matters/Channel View titles are now listed under the vendor name "Taylor & Francis (Informaworld)".
    • Removed with this release:
      • Elsevier - Web Editions
      • MetaPress -- Royal Society Journals (1997-present)
      • MetaPress -- Royal Society Journals (Free Access)
      • MetaPress -- Royal Society Archive (pre-1997)
    • The vendor "Thomson ISI" has been rebranded "Thomson Reuters (ISI)".
    • The vendor "The Gale Group" has been rebranded "Gale Group (Cengage Learning)".

    April 3, 2009

    • Refresh of full-text online provider availability data on the Other Editions/Formats tab
    • Refresh of A&I database availability data display on the Abstracting, Indexing & Article Access tab
    Ulrich's Serials Analysis System
    • Refresh of vendor and database drop-down options in Aggregator Comparison Reports
    • Quarterly updates to library files in Peer Group Reports

    March 6, 2009

    • Major refresh of full-text online provider availability data on the Other Editions/Formats tab
    • Major refresh of A&I database availability data display on the Abstracting, Indexing & Article Access tab
    • Fixed problem of monographic series not displaying
    • Fixed problem of entries that should not have coverage dates erroneously displaying the dates of the previous entry
    Ulrich's Serials Analysis System
    • Major refresh of the Top Publisher Reports title lists to include recent title transfers
    • Major refresh of vendor and database drop-down options in Aggregator Comparison Reports
    • Fixed bugs related to permissions and set-up issues with data loading script

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