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    Can a closed SalesForce case be re-opened?

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    Can a closed SalesForce case be re-opened?


    When Ex Libris Support believes that we have completely addressed your problem or question, we will put your Case into Awaiting Customer Confirmation Status (formerly known as Resolved status). A case will remain in Awaiting Customer Confirmation status for 14 days before changing automatically to Closed Status.  If you believe the issue in your Case has not been fully addressed, just add a comment to the Case within the 14-day period and describe the issue that needs to be addressed. 

    When you add a comment to a Case in Awaiting Customer Confirmation status, your comment will put the Case in Reopened status, a new status added to Support Portal on October 21, 2018 to help Ex Libris track how effective and accurate we are in determining  that we have resolved your Case.

    If you agree with Support's decision that the case is resolved, there is no need to add another comment to the Case.  You can just let the case close automatically, select approve in the email sent from the case, or if you wish you can close it via the Support Portal.

    Once a case goes to Closed status, it cannot be reopened, it can be cloned.  If you still need assistance with the question or problem discussed in the closed case, just open a new Case, and reference the original Case number in the case Subject or Description, and describe the issue that needs to be addressed.


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    • Article last edited: 12/14/2021