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    Voyager to Alma Migration Query: Bibliographic Records with an ISSN but the format is not for Serials

    Created By: Laura Guy (contact)
    Created on: 9/15/2020

    When migrating from Voyager to Alma, it may be desirable to identfy and review those bibliographic records that have an ISSN but whose MARC leader bib format value is not "s" (for serials).

    This query, which can be run using Voyager Prepackaged Access Reports, finds all bibliographic records that contain an ISSN but do not have a "s" MARC leader bib level value. 

           utf8to16([bib_text].[TITLE_BRIEF]) AS Title_Brief,
           utf8to16([bib_text].[PUBLISHER_DATE]) AS Publisher_date
    WHERE (((BIB_TEXT.ISSN)<>" " And (BIB_TEXT.ISSN) Is Not Null)
      AND ((BIB_TEXT.BIB_FORMAT) Not Like "*s"))
    ORDER BY utf8to16([bib_text].[PUBLISHER_DATE]);

    For other queries that may be useful, see my "Surviving Almanado: tips for a successful pre-implementation" presentation's Accompanying Materials.
    Posted as is. If you need assistance in running custom SQL queries in Prepackaged Access Reports, consult the Voyager Customer Listserv.