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852 First Indicator is not set using Multiple MFHD Bulk Import Profiles

  • Article Type: Known Issue
  • Product: Voyager
  • Product Version: 9.1.0
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care


Indicator 1 of the 852 tag in the MFHD is not updated when the "Update previously loaded MFHDs/Items" profile is used in the Bulk Import profile

Defect Status

VYG-6577 is resolved for Voyager 9.2.0 and higher.

Replication Steps

1. Create a bulk import profile using the "Upload previously loaded MFHDs/Items" option.
2. Choose the correct call number hierarchy and call number type in the "Mapping" tab of the profile.
3. Upload the file; open a test bib and its MFHD. Note that the first indicator is blank and hasn't normalized the call number type and inserted the correct number.


Manually update the 1st indicator.

Category: Batch jobs