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    ACQ:line item search within purchase order does not find matches

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 7.0.2

    Bug Report Form for Issue 16384-5729

    Module: Acquisitions
    Release(s) replicated in: 7.0.4
    Server Platform(s) affected: Solaris/all
    PC O/S (if this is PC specific): n/a
    Browser type & version (if WebVoyage): n/a

    Expected Results: In a PO, the Line Item>Search option should retrieve the line item on the PO that meets the specified search criteria.

    Actual Results: The PO Line Item>Search option always returns errors.

    Even if you’ve supplied valid criteria, you’ll always get a “no line items matched your search criteria” error. If you use the X button to close out the screen, you’ll get a rte 9 and the client will shut down.

    The same functionality works on Invoices (it correctly changes the text color of the line item in question).

    Workflow Implications: The Find Line Items Under a Purchase Order functionality is unusable.

    Replication steps:
    Call up a PO and note valid criteria for one of the line items (let’s say bib id).
    Go to Line Item>Search and first select a Search By type of Bib Record Number, then select Equals as the condition, and supply the bib id and hit Search
    ? You’ll get a message stating “no line items matched your search criteria error”
    If you hit the X button here, you’ll get a run time error 9 and the client will shut down.


    • Article last edited: 3/18/2015