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ANA: Error message when running as any format other than HTML

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Voyager
  • Product Version: 7.2.1

Bug Report Form for Issue 16384-16017

Module(s): Voyager Analyzer
Server platform(s) affected: Sun, Linux
PC OS (if applicable): N/A
Browser & version (if applicable): N/A

Expected results:
Should be able to use Outstanding Charges and Archived charges in the same report and
Be able to generate all report formats – not just HTML in report CIRC - DJ - Recent charged items

Actual results: An error occurred while performing operation 'sqlPrepareWithOptions' status='-120'. Seems to happen when using Outstanding Charges and Archived Charges in the same report. Very large result set is returned. Only happens when running report in a format other than HTML

Workflow implications: May not be able to get report in desired format.

Replication steps:
Log in.
Go to Query Studio.
Choose Circ package.
Open Charge Transactions.
Open Outstanding Charges.
Drag over Item ID.
Open Archived Charges. (Yes, this is not the same query subject and ends up giving bad data...but it still GIVES data)
Drag over Location Code
Open Outstanding Charges.
Drag over Charge Date.
Open Title Details
Drag over Title.
Drag over Publisher Date.
Drag over Display Call No.
Filter on Location Code.
Filter on Charge Date.
Run report in any format other than html.

Other information:

Workaround: Use HTML output format

Fixed in Analyzer for 8.2.0.

The solution is to change the processing to “Limited Local” from “Database Only”. This can be done from the Report Studio:

1. Open the report in Report Studio
2. Select the query
3. Under Properties --> Query, change Processing to Limited Local
4. Save the report

  • Article last edited: 10/8/2013