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    Acqjob/FPC: Orders with multiple Invoices attached added to Open Orders report

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 9.1.0 - 9.2.1
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Total Care; Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local


    * Purchase Order (PO) has multiple Invoices attached; invoices are Approved, and PO may or may not be Received Complete
    * PO added to Open Orders Report with Invoice Pending+

    Defect Status

    Issue VYG-6640 is resolved for Voyager 9.2.1 and higher.

    Replication steps 

    1.  Find Purchase Order that is Received Complete and has multiple Approved invoices attached.
    2.  On the server, run Acqjob 2 for happening location & ledger associated with data from step 1.
    3.  Review Open Orders report. Note that PO from step 1 is on list and shows "Invoice Pending+"


    None for report. Does not impact which items will be rolled by FPC, only the Open Orders report.


    LINE_ITEM_COPY_STATUS table contains the LINE_ITEM_STATUS and INVOICE_ITEM_STATUS and can be referenced for any line items showing Invoice Pending+


    Article last edited: 08-Jul-2016