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    After migration to new server hardware unable to access Voyager clients or the OPAC

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local (Linux)



    After migrating to new server hardware the Voyager clients give an error "Connection Refused" and the WebVoyage OPAC is not accessible.


    Check that your server's system-level firewall is not blocking access.  

    • Temporarily disable the system-level firewall with this command (run as root):

      systemctl stop firewalld

    Note that when you temporarily disable the system-level firewall, it will automatically re-enable after a server restart.

    • To re-enable the system-level firewall run this command (as root):

      systemctl start firewalld

    • To permanently disable the system-level firewall run this command (as root):

      systemctl disable firewalld

    Additional Information

    Typically the system-level firewall is not required if the server is protected by a network-level firewall.

    If you decide to use the system-level firewall, you will need to configure it properly for use with Voyager.  See Network Ports used by Voyager.

    If you are installing on RHEL 6, please open a ticket with Voyager Support



    • Article last edited: 21-May-2019