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    Network Ports used by Voyager

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    What ports do Voyager services use?


    The following table shows the default ports used by Voyager services. The "xx" in each port number represents the port series used by an individual Voyager instance. (e.g. 7000, 7010, 7015 etc.) The default port series for the production instance is 70XX. 80XX is used by default for traindb.

    Typically it is most efficient to open the entire port series range (for example 7000-7099), but your local policies and Best Practices may differ.

    Voyager Ports and Services


    Process/Service    Port Number    Protocol    Listener    Description   
    Popacsvr xx00 VACS inetd OPAC Server
    Pcatsvr xx10 VACS inetd Cataloging Server
    Pgdcsvr xx15 VACS Self Global Data Change Server
    Pacqsvr xx20 VACS inetd Acquisitions Server
    Pcircsvr xx30 VACS inetd Circulation Server
    Pselfchk xx31 VACS inetd Self Check (SIP2)
    Prptsvr xx40 VACS inetd Reporting Server
    Psysadminsvr xx50 VACS inetd System Administration Server
    Pkeysvr xx60 VACS inetd Keyword Server
    Pmfhdkeysvr xx61 VACS inetd MFHD Keyword Server
    Pfilesvr xx70 VACS inetd File/Abstracts Server (Image Server)
    Pncipsvr xx75 VACS inetd NCIP Server (ILL/URSA/RELAIS)
    Pcallslipsvr xx80 VACS inetd Call Slip/Request Server
    Pscansvr xx81 VACS inetd Scandoc Server
    Pmediasvr xx85 VACS inetd Media Booking
    Pz3950svr xx90 VACS Self Z39.50 Server
    imagedb_Piasock 7500 VACS Self Image Server
    Classic OPAC (Pwebrecon.cgi) xx01 HTTP Apache Classic WebVoyáge Interface
    Tomcat OPAC (vwebv) xx08 HTTP Apache Tomcat WebVoyáge Interface
    Webadmin xx08 HTTP Apache Webadmin (usually with WebVoyáge)
    vxws xx14 HTTP Apache/Tomcat Serves data for WebVoyáge and OvP
    vpds xx44 HTTP Apache Voyager PDS Connector
    vprimo xx24 HTTP Apache VPrimo process for OvL (production)
    core-sms-proxy xx38 HTTP Apache SMS Notice Proxy
    vprimo01 xx54 HTTP Apache VPrimo process for OvL (staging)
    ncip Server xx63 HTTP Tomcat Voyager ncip Connector
    vdps xx74 HTTP Apache Preservation Connector
    VWS xx89 HTTP Tomcat Verde/Meridian Web Services
    Tomcat shutdown xx06 Text Tomcat Tomcat Shutdown Port
    vwebv xx07 AJP Tomcat WebVoyáge AJP
    vxws xx13 AJP Tomcat WebVoyáge/Primo API AJP
    vprimo xx23 AJP Tomcat OvL Production AJP
    PSR xx33 AJP Tomcat Patron Self Registration AJP
    core-sms-proxy xx37 AJP Tomcat SMS Notice Proxy AJP
    vpds xx43 AJP Tomcat Voyager PDS Connector AJP
    vprimo01 xx53 AJP Tomcat Staging OvL AJP
    ncip Tomcat shutdown xx62 Text Tomcat ncip Tomcat Shutdown Port
    ncip Listener xx64 NCIP TCP Tomcat ncip Listener (URSA, RELAIS, OCLC Nav)
    vdps xx73 AJP Tomcat

    Preservation Connector AJP

    AutoUpdate xx99 HTTP Apache Default Client AutoUpdate
    analyzer 9299 HTTP Cognos Analyzer web interface
    Oracle Listener 1521 ODBC/JDBC Oracle Oracle Listener


    Additional Information

    See also: Environment Access Considerations for Troubleshooting


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