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    Bulkimport: multiple mfhd load stops with "malloc(): memory corruption"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.1.0

    Bug Report

    Issue number: 16384-20226
    Module: bulkimport
    Server platform affected: Linux
    PC OS: Windows 7 and XP
    Browser & version: N/A

    Releases replicated in: 8.1.0, 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.2
    Last version without bug: N/A (8.0 and earlier do not have multiple mfhd option)

    Expected results:
    When records are loaded with multiple mfhds in the bulkimport rule, the load should run as usual and all the records should load.

    Actual results:
    Records stop loading after a number of records (sometimes with message “*** glibc detected *** /m1/voyager/bin/2008.1.0/bulkimport: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x090f3e98 *** “…). The bulkimport process hangs and needs to be killed.

    Workflow implications: Records cannot be loaded with multiple mfhds.

    Replication steps: (use file attached to issue, 01PEABODY16384-380942BIB.MRC)
    1. Make a bulkimport rule with multiple mfhd settings.
    a. Sysadmin -> Cataloging -> Bulk Import Rules –> New
    b. Rule name: Code (whatever, e.g. CaityAdd), Name: (anything)
    c. Rules tab: Bib Dup Profile:
    i. Bib Dup Profile: Add Conditional, OCLC AddConditional or whichever
    ii. Auth dup profile: choose any one
    iii. Owning Library (pick any one)
    iv. Expected character set mapping of imported records: MARC21 UTF-8
    v. Leave checkboxes unchecked underneath
    d. Profiles tab:
    i. Bibs,MFHDs,Multiple items or any of the MULTIPLE MFHD radio buttons in center column
    ii. Multiple popup box (under Multiple MFHD options)
    1. Main tag: 852
    2. Main tag ind 1: 0
    3. Main tag ind 2: blank
    4. Subfield for location code: b
    5. Subfield for barcode p
    6. Radio button: one or the other: either; on left “Create a MFHD for each location and group items with same location under that MFHD” or button on right, “Create a MFHD for each instance of a location code tag.”
    e. Mapping tab: Add
    i. MARC item type: *
    ii. Marc location code *
    iii. Voyager item type: Book
    iv. Voyager location: Main
    v. Call number hierarchy: Library of Congress
    f. Item information tab: everything blank
    g. Save bulkimport rule.
    2. FTP file attached to test server
    3. Run bulkimport
    4. Tail log
    a. cd /m1/voyager/xxxdb/rpt
    b. Tail –f the log.imp file associated with the load
    c. Load stops after 5-1500 records.
    i. Sometimes with error “*** glibc detected *** /m1/voyager/bin/2008.1.0/bulkimport: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x090f3e98 *** “…
    d. When the load stops on a particular record, the bib record loads, but the process hangs at the addition of the mfhd and item, so that after the job is stalled. )The bib the load stopped on goes into the database but with no mfhd or item.)
    e. If you restart the load starting at this record, the record is overlaid but no mfhd or item is added and the load stops a number of records later.
    f. The record number it stops at varies site to site and file to file.
    g. Bulkimport process needs to be killed.

    Workaround: Add records manually in cataloging client.

    Other information: If “single mfhd” options are used in the Profiles tab of the bulkimport rule, the load runs completely.

    Fixed in bulkimport for 8.2.1.

    • Article last edited: 3/23/2015