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    CAT: Subfield separators missing from some headings

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2

    Bug Report Form for Issue 16384-14017

    Module(s): Cataloging
    Server platform(s) affected: all
    Release(s) replicated in: 7.2.2
    Last version without bug (if applicable): n/a (replicated in 6.1 – 7.2.4)

    Expected results: When you add or delete references in subject authority records, it will not impact the display of subfield separators for the referenced authority in the Headings list.

    Actual results: If you add or delete a reference from an authority record, the referenced authority will not display subfield separators in the Headings list.

    The referenced authority has to be saved to the database before the subfield separators display in the Headings list again.

    Workflow implications: Display problem with subject headings in Headings list.

    Replication steps:
    1. In a Voyager instance where “Display Headings Subfield Separators” is checked in SysAdmin>System>Miscellaneous, import and save the two attached authority records in Cataloging.
    2. Search for the authority record for “Aboriginal Australians – Antiquities”. Notice in the Headings list that the double dash subfield separator is displayed, as is appropriate.
    3. Now search for the authority record for “Wombah Site (N.S.W.)” which includes a See Also reference to “Aboriginal Australians – Antiquities”.
    4. Remove the reference to “Aboriginal Australians – Antiquities”, and click Save to DB.
    5. Search for “Aboriginal Australians – Antiquities” again. Notice that the subfield separator is missing in the Headings list.
    6. If you open the authority record for “Aboriginal Australians – Antiquities” and click Save to DB, then search for it again, you’ll see the subfield separator has reappeared in the results list. If you paste the reference back into the record for "Wombah Site (N.S.W.)" and save it, you'll see the subfield separator for "Aboriginal Australians -- Antiquities" missing from the Headings list display again until you open and save the record.

    Other information:
    Issues 18287, 18949, 16384-6785 for slightly different subfield separator display issues.

    Workaround: Referenced authority records can be saved after they’re added or deleted from another authority record.

    Fixed in Voyager 8.2.2.

    • Article last edited: 3/5/2015