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    Changing support access to local server

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


    My institution is changing how Support accesses our local Voyager server. How do I notify Ex Libris? What are the implications of changing access?


    Supported methods for accessing a local server can be found in the document Server Access for Ex Libris Support.

    • Review this document and ensure that the method being implemented adheres to one of the supported methods outlined; observe any accompanying notes for each method.
    • Ensure there are procedures to grant access for down system support.
    • When these details are defined open a Case with Support to open a discussion of these changes with the Support Manager. Include details of any access changes and your timeline. Support Manager will review changes and respond.

    SLAs assume direct access to the server is available. Support will make its best effort to adhere to SLA for other types of access, but note that additional obstacles to access can result in delays and longer times to resolution.

    Additional Information

    For best practices, see Environment access considerations for troubleshooting

    Support has direct access to environments for Hosted customers. This information applies to Local customers only.

    • Article last edited: 28-Nov-2017
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