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    Environment access considerations for troubleshooting

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care


    What information/access can help expedite troubleshooting to find a solution when I open a case with Support?


    To effectively troubleshoot Voyager issues, work can begin and occur more quickly when the following is accessible/configured:

    1. Updated IP on any changed production servers/test environments
    2. Current passwords for "root", "voyager", and "oracle" users
    3. Port forwarding enabled for sites whose Voyager client ports are closed to ExLibris
    4. Available SSH connection on port 22 from the Voyager Support IP
    1. Open all ports for Voyager client connection (SysAdmin, Circularion, Cataloging, etc. as defined in your voyager.ini) to Ex Libris unless port forwarding is set up and enabled.
    2. Add Ex Libris' new IP address, to all relevant firewall rules. Firewall configurations from before August 2015 should be re-evaluated to include this information.
    1. Current SYSADMIN user password. Make sure this user has security privileges for all modules.
    2. Open ports for all Voyager clients from Ex Libris.
    3. If a VPN or virtual machine is configured, confirm that Ex Libris has updated passwords and can successfully connect to the clients.

    Additional Information

    The items on this list are not mandatory, but note that compliance with these items will ensure the best possible scenario for troubleshooting from Ex Libris staff.

    If access is by request only, please be sure to request that all necessary ports and firewall rules be set up before opening a case with support for the quickest troubleshooting.

    Ex Libris Offices' IP Addresses
    What procedure should be followed to alert Ex Libris of a system down?

    Article last edited: 14-July-2022

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