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    Database error when attempting to delete duplicate patron barcode in Circulation

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager

    Problem Symptoms

    • Unable to delete duplicate barcode/patron group/barcode status combination for patron - receive "A database error occurred while attempting to delete patron barcode." in client
    • In log.voyager, error logged:

    circsvr[{PID}] - ERROR - {date}

    - SQL_GetPatronClusterNoBRCStatus - ub_sql__ppc.cxx[1062]

    Could find any single active barcodes cnt=0

    • Changes to one barcode (i.e., status) apply to both barcodes


    Voyager does not allow duplicate patron barcode/patron group/barcode status combinations.

    It has still occurred on a few rare occasions and no root cause has yet been identified. The duplicate barcodes replicate changes to one another and won't allow deletion.


    To delete the duplicate barcode:

    1. Circulation > Patron > {search for & open patron record} > Edit Patron ...
    2. Barcode > Barcodes <new> > create a temporary barcode
    3. Note the barcode value for duplicate barcode.
    4. Highlight one of duplicate barcodes > Delete.
    5. With temporary barcode, can now delete a duplicate. Note this also removes barcode value for remaining barcode.
    6. Close patron record.
    7. Search for and reopen patron record > Edit patron ...
    8. Delete temporary barcode & update remaining barcode with correct barcode value.
    9. Save changes.

    Additional Information

    If this occurs regularly, note any known circumstances leading to this scenario, any patterns identified, etc., and please open a Case with Support, noting these details.

    • Article last edited: 10-Feb-2015