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    Do keyword indexes carry forward at upgrade?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: All


    If I define my own keyword index, and then we upgrade, can I be sure that my index will carry through to the next version? Or will I have to recreate it?


    Custom indexes carry forward through upgrade unless otherwise noted in the upgrade documentation.

    Review all upgrade documentation for your target Voyager version and all interim versions between your current and target versions. If there are changes to search indexes that will affect any custom indexes you have, the upgrade documentation will detail these changes and any intervention required to move your custom indexes forward.

    Additional Information

    For upgrades from pre-Voyager 8.2.0 to Voyager 8.2.0 and higher, and from pre+Voyager 9.2.0 to Voyager 9.2.0 and higher, review the Voyager Index Changes document.

    Voyager Index Changes (8.2.0)

    Voyager Index Changes (9.2.0)


    • Article last edited: 26-Apr-2016