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    Get "Connection Refused" when trying to access GDC client for first time

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.1.2

    Problem Symptoms

    • After accessing GDC client and before Operator ID/password prompt, message "Connection Refused."
    • GDC has not been used before
    • Other clients do not give "Connection Refused" message


    This error may occur if the port for GDC is not open.


    1. Determine which port is being used for GDC. Usually xx15 in a port series; for example, in a 70xx port series, GDC port would be 7015.
    2. From the command prompt on the client machine, test that the port is open using telnet inserting the server IP or Hostname for your Voyager environment and inserting your actual GDC port instead of "xx15": telnet <Server IP or Hostname> xx15 .

    (If telnet is not available on your machine, contact your local IT department for assistance in enabling this.)

    1. If the response is "Connected to <server IP or Hostname>." Or if a blank screen with a cursor appears, then the port is open and another cause is responsible. Please open a support incident with Voyager Support.
    2. If the response is "Connection Refused" or "Connection Timed Out" check that that port is open in the firewall. (If server is hosted, see "How do I add an IP address to access Voyager through hosted server firewall?"

    Additional Information

    When you connect to the Global Data Change (port xx15) another connection to port xx10 (Pcatsvr) is initiated.

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    • Article last edited: 17-Mar-2020