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How do I encrypt client-to-server traffic?

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Voyager
  • Product Version: 8.2.0

Desired Outcome Goal:
Configure Voyager to encrypt communication between server and clients (such as Reporter)

The encryption setting needs to be configured in one or both of two places:
1. In the [GlobalLog] stanza of the Voyager.ini on each PC, change the encryption line to "Encrypt=Y". This will only affect clients on this PC.
2. In the voyager.ini file on the Voyager server (/m1/voyager/xxxdb/ini), go to the [voyager] stanza, and change the encryption line to "Encrypt=Y". This will affect all clients connecting to the server.

Category: Reporter

  • Article last edited: 2/20/2014