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    How do I update tag tables?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: All


    How to update tag tables to validate additional MARC fields in Cataloging?


    1. Go to: C:\Voyager\Catalog\TagTable\[validation type]
    2. Update Master.cfg
      1. Backup Master.cfg
      2. Determine if field mandatory
        1. If mandatory, add to [Mandatory ... Fields] section.
        2. If not mandatory, add to end of numbered section for appropriate [Authority Fields], [Bibliographic Fields] or [Holdings Fields] stanza.
      3. In the second part of relevant [Authority Fields], [Bibliographic Fields] or [Holdings Fields] stanza add field number & description.
      4. Save Master.cfg
    3. Edit relevant BmarcNxx.cfg, AmarcNxx.cfg or HmarcNxx.cfg.
      1. Backup XmarcNxx.cfg
      2. Edit the file: Add stanzas for the new tag, its subfields & indicators, keeping tags in numeric order.

    Additional Information


    See Cataloging User's Guide, Appendix A, MARC tag tables.

    See also: Overview of editing MARC tag tables for Voyager

    Example: Add 264 field for bibliographic records


    Update Master.cfg (step 2)


    [Bibliographic Fields]
    0 =000 0
    1 =001 0
    229=882 0
    230=886 1
    231=887 1
    232=264 1 
    Field001=Control Number
    Field882=Replacement Record Information
    Field886=Foreign MARC Information Field
    Field887=Non-MARC Information Field
    Field264=Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice 


    Update Bmarc2xx.cfg (step 3)


    0=a 1A
    1=b 1A
    2=c 1A
    Subfa=subfield a
    Subfb=subfield b
    Subfc=subfield c
    Value2=value for 2
    Value3=value for 3
    Value0=indicator value for 0
    value1=indicator value for 1
    Value2=indicator value for 2
    0=a 1A
    1=6 0A
    Subfa=Subscription address (OBSOLETE)
    Subf6=Linkage (OBSOLETE)


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