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    How does Voyager index the call number?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    How does Voyager index the call number?


    The mfhd’s 852, indicator 1 determines the classification scheme and indexing/sorting rules. For example, if the first indicator of the 852 is 0 and follows LC Call Number rules, it will be indexed as such in the database.  If the call number cannot be parsed as an LC number, it will be stored as an “other” type call number in the database (the coding in the indicator will be left as is in the MARC record).

    Data from the CALL_NO_TYPE table in the Voyager database:


    ----------------------    -----------------------

    0                               Library of Congress

    1                               Dewey Decimal

    2                               NLM Classification

    3                               Government Documents

    8                               Other

    c                               Codoc Classification

    u                               UDC Classification

    m                              Cambridge (Main)

    b                               Cambridge (Medical)

    g                               Cambridge (Departmental)

    y                               Old Yale Classification

    n                               Nat. Agricultural Library


    If you do a Mfhd Call Number search set as Find for PR9199.3?, the system will bring up all records indexed beginning with PR9199.3:


    find call number2.jpg


    Data from the MFHD_MASTER Table (where the call number is indexed):



    PR9199.3.A8 A79 1996

    PR9199.3.A8 B55 2000

    PR9199.3.A8 H3 1991

    PR9199.3.A8 M66 2006

    PR9199.3.A8 O79 2003b

    PR9199.3.A8 Z56 1993

    PR9199.3.B3769 L39 2006

    PR9199.3.S45 C7 1987

    PR9199.3.S45 S6 1916

    PR9199.3.W3 P7


    MFHD from Cataloging

    The first indicator is set to 0 for LC.  The call number entered in the h and i follows the LC Classification scheme.  Thus, it is indexed as an LC Call Number in the database.


    find call number3.jpg


    Data from the MFHD_MASTER Table for the above MFHD record:



    --------------  ----------------------   ----------------------------------         --------------------------

    56706          0                   PR 91993 A8 A79 1996            PR9199.3.A8 A79 1996




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