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    How to bulk load MFHDs into the database?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.0


    How to load an interleaved file of bibs & mfhds to database?


    Use a BulkImport rule set to Load Bibs, Auths only. That is counter-intuitive, but when the rule is set to Bibs, Mfhds, that tells BulkImport to *create* mfhds.

    Instead, tell BulkImport to *load* mfhds with a command-line (or WebAdmin) parameter.

    • The -m (load mfhds) BulkImport parameter will load MFHDs. This parameter must be used with an interleaved file of bibs and MFHDs.
    • Use a BulkImport Rule that has Create Bibs/Auths checked (do not check create MFHDs). Item records cannot be created if importing an interleaved file.
    • Importing an interleaved file with the -m parameter will add/merge/replace bib records and then delete any MFHDs for that bib matching the location code of the incoming MFHD before adding the incoming MFHD from the file. The MFHD deletion process would fail if the MFHD has any items or PO links. This also means that multiple MFHDs could be replaced by a single MFHD from the incoming file.

    As outlined in the bullet point above, duplicate detection for holdings records (MFHDs) is hard-coded in Voyager to match on 852 subfield b, location code.

    • You may use the -a parameter (MFHD location code) in conjunction with the -m parameter when running Bulkimport.

    Additional Information

    Example #1 -m

    • Bib in database has MFHD with an 852b of lgovdoc.
    • MarcExport the bib/MFHD. Now have an interleaved file with bib and MFHD.
    • Bulkimport the bib/MFHD using a Bulkimport Rule set to Replace and Bibs, Auths only.
    • Use -m (load MFHDs) parameter in Bulkimport command line.

    Result: The system deletes the MFHD in the system with lgovdoc and replaced with imported MFHD.

    Example #2  -a and -m

    • Interleaved file with bib and MFHDs.The MFHD in the interleaved file has a 852b of lgovdoc.
    • BulkImport the bib/MFHD file using a BulkImport Rule set to Replace and Bibs, Auths only.
    • Use -m (load MFHDs), -aCIRC parameters in Bulkimport command line.

    Result: The system matches and replaces the bib in the system with the incoming record. The bib in the system has a MFHD attached that has a 852b lgovdoc. The system adds the incoming MFHD as a new MFHD with the 852b as CIRC.  Now the bib has 2 MFHDs, one with a location code of lgovdoc and the other with CIRC.

    • Article last edited: 12-Sep-2018