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    How to find out which version of Tomcat running for Voyager xxxdb

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 7


    How to determine which version of Tomcat running for Voyager xxxdb (where xxxdb is the Voyager Database Instance)?


    1. Log in to Voyager server.
    2. Run the following command: /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/catalina_home/bin/
    3. Note Server version: Apache Tomcat presented. Example:

    Using CATALINA_BASE: /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/catalina_home
    Using CATALINA_HOME: /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/catalina_home
    Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/catalina_home/temp
    Using JRE_HOME: /usr
    Using CLASSPATH: /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/catalina_home/bin/bootstrap.jar:/m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/catalina_home/bin/tomcat-juli.jar
    Server version: Apache Tomcat/7.0.42
    Server built: Jul 2 2013 08:57:41
    Server number:
    OS Name: Linux
    OS Version: 2.6.32-279.9.1.el5.vs2.
    Architecture: amd64
    JVM Version: 1.6.0_0-b16
    JVM Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.

    • Article last edited: 29-Aug-2014