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    How to manage (delete or suppress) bibliographic records with linked purchase orders in Voyager

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    Options for managing (deleting or suppressing) bibliographic records with linked POs.


    The two options for managing (deleting or suppressing) bibliographic records with linked POs are record suppression or relinking the purchase order line item to a "dummy" bibliographic record: 

    Option 1: Suppress the bibliographic record

    When planning to suppress a bibliographic record with a linked purchase order instead of deleting the record, you can

    1) Delete the item record
    2) Change the MFHD 852 $b location to special WITHDRAWN Location (or delete the MFHD if possible)
    3) Optionally, add a bibliographic local note or MFHD 852 $x non-public note indicating why the record was suppressed. Ex. Withdrawn 9/7/2018.
    4) Suppress the bibliographic record. 

    Option 2: Relink PO

    An alternative workflow is to relink the purchase order to a separate, "dummy" suppressed WITHDRAWN TITLE bibliographic record created specifically for this purpose. 

    1) In the Cataloging client, create a suppressed WITHDRAWN TITLE bib record.
    2) In the Acquisitions client, from the line item, link the PO to the WITHDRAWN TITLE bib (for detailed steps see: Workflow to relink PO line item to a "dummy" bibliographic record in Voyager so that the bib record it was linked to can be deleted)
    3) Once the purchase order is relinked, the bibliographic record you want to delete will no longer be attached to a purchase order, making deletion possible. 


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    • Article last edited: 02-Nov-2020