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    Workflow to relink PO line item to a "dummy" bibliographic record in Voyager so that the bib record it was linked to can be deleted

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    Workflow to delete a bib record linked to a PO by using a "dummy" suppressed bib record.


    This workflow makes it possible to delete a bib record linked to a PO (bibs linked to purchase orders cannot be deleted; you can either suppress them or follow these steps):

    1. In the Voyager Cataloging client, create a suppressed bibliographic record with the generic title: WITHDRAWN TITLE, or some other similar title of your choice. Your library only needs to create one WITHDRAWN TITLE bib record; the same bib can be used each time you wish to withdraw a title.
    2. In Voyager Acquisitions, find the line item that contains the link to the bibliographic record that you want to delete using "Search Line Items" > "Bib & Holdings Info."
      • Alternatively, while viewing the Bib Record in Voyager Cataloging (and while Voyager Acquisitions is also open) you can Select Record > View Line Item in Acquisitions (CTRL+M).
    3. Using "Search Line Items"> "Bib & Holdings Info"  or CTRL+M in Cataloging will directly open the line item.
      Click the "Change Bib Record" button.
    4. Search for your generic WITHDRAWN TITLE bib using the standard Voyager search option.
    5. On the results list screen, select the correct bib record and then Click OK.
    6. After you click OK, the "Change Holdings Records for Line Item Copies" box will open.
    7. If you are withdrawing the title, the holding (MFHD) is no longer needed. To delete the holding as part of the relinking process, in the "Change Holdings Records for Line Item Copies" box, check "Delete Current Holdings" and click Save.
    8. Click "OK" at the warning message.
    9. The purchase order line item is now connected to your library's WITHDRAWN TITLE bib. 
    10. Optionally, you can add a Note on the Detailed Line Item > Notes tab to indicate the Title, standard number, and date withdrawn of the original bib.
    11. In the Voyager Cataloging Client, retrieve the bibliographic record you wish to delete. Note that the holding record (MFHD) was already deleted as a result of step seven above. You can now delete the Bib record (If you receive an alert that the record has logged an exception, you will be able to delete the record the following day. Voyager server jobs will document and clear the exception overnight).

    Additional Information

    See also: How to manage (delete or suppress) bibliographic records with linked purchase orders in Voyager


    • Article last edited: 03-Nov-2020
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