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    How to troubleshoot run-time errors 65099 and 440

    • Product: Voyager


    How to determine cause of run-time error 65099 and run-time error 440 and resolve.


    This series of errors often indicates an issue with the network connection between your Voyager client and the Voyager server.
    If receiving errors when logging into clients or actively performing work:
    1. Increase Timeout= values in voyager.ini file on PC.
    2. Remove voy*.dll files from PC and reinstall Voyager clients (for detailed instructions see: How to re-install (uninstall) Voyager clients).
    3. Resolve potential issues with reverse DNS lookups. Place dummy entry for client IP range onto DNS; will allow DNS to respond to lookup attempt and allow server application to proceed.
    4. Diagnose potential network issue between PC and Voyager server.
      1. Open DOS prompt on PC.
      2. Type: ping -t {IP address of Voyager server}. This will do a continuous ping to server. 
      3. Log into Cataloging and work as usual.
      4. When error message opens, go directly to DOS prompt window and look at the ping.
      5. Ping will give you time that it takes to get to server. Anything between 10ms and 100ms is good. If it takes more time than that, it indicates some kind of network problem.
      6. To kill continuous ping, type: CTRL + <c>. This will show statistics with minimum, maximum and average times.
    If receiving errors after leaving clients inactive for period of time:
    1. Look at local network firewall, or contact staff responsible for local network firewall.
    2. Identify and increase firewall timeout for connections to Voyager server.
      1. Within firewall, there is undocumented timeout setting, often defaulting to 5 minutes, for "default" IP traffic not otherwise specified by implicit routing rule.
      2. Create separate rule that includes Voyager server IP and ports.
      3. Note that changing the default network timeout setting typically does not affect the undocumented 5-minute timeout restriction.

    If your Voyager server is hosted by Ex Libris, the default timeout setting for the hosted environment firewall is 4 hours.  But be aware that local campus security settings can impact (reduce) that timeout.

    Additional Information

    There have been reports of campus firewall settings selectively allowing some client functions but blocking others.  An example from a customer case is that the System Administration client could be logged into, Location Limit Groups could be viewed, but Locations could not be viewed and resulted in a 65099 error.  In situations like this, the I.T. Department or staff responsible for networking will need to make changes to the firewall rules in order to "allow" (i.e., not block/unblock) relevant staff workstations.

    • Article last edited: 04-Jan-2021
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