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    How to update email server information for sending notices?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 6.5.4


    We just switched our email system and now Reporter isn't sending notices via email. I know I need to update something in the configuration, but I am not sure what. Is it the voyager.ini file?


    You will need to update the E-mail stanza in the voyager.ini file on the PC:

    Server=<IP or hostname of email server>
    Port=<port PC will connect to on email server>

    You will need to update these values on all PCs where email notices are sent from Reporter.

    Additional Information

    It is important to note that the email is sent by the programs on the PC (workstation), not from the Voyager server, so you may need to have your I.T. Department make exceptions in your workstation's Anti-Virus software and possibly on campus firewalls, as well as the email server itself that the voyager.ini file points to in the [E-mail] stanza. 

    Also be aware that mechanisms such as campus firewalls and security on the email server itself may require the PC (workstation) have a fixed I.P. address.  As your campus and library move to WiFi connections, or to DHCP (rather than static I.P. addresses), this may cause issues with Reporter.  Contact your I.T. Department for assistance. 

    See the Technical User's Guide, Chapter 4.

    See also "Bad E-Mail Addresses" pop-up when attempting to send email notices using Voyager Reporter

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    • Article last edited: 08-Sep-2019