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    IMPORT:Bi-directional merge not working of 040a at top of hierarchy

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2

    Issue 16384-12401
    Module: import
    Related module: any module/program that uses import (Acq, Cat, Bulkimport)
    Reported in: Voyager 7.2.1
    Replicated in: 5-7.2.3

    Expected results:
    Record should properly bi-directional merge if incoming record is of lower quality than target.

    Actual results:
    If the Quality Hierarchy has a 040a listed highest in the Hierarchy, and the incoming record has an 040|a the system will replace instead of bi-directional merge.

    incoming bib’s 040 data
    ‡a DLC ‡d YDX ‡d BAKER ‡d BTCTA ‡d YDXCP ‡d ERASA ‡d TOZ ‡d YAM ‡d OrLoB-B

    Target bib’s 040 data
    ‡a DLC ‡d YDX ‡d BAKER ‡d BTCTA ‡d YDXCP ‡d ERASA ‡d TOZ ‡d YAM

    Hierarchy in bib duplicate detection profile for Bi Directional profile:
    ‡a DLC
    ‡d BAKER
    ‡d BTCTA
    ‡d ERASA
    ‡d TOZ
    ‡d YAM
    ‡d YDX
    ‡d YDXCP
    When imported using the Bi-Directional Merge profile with above hierarchy, the record is replaced (not bi-directional merged)

    If the 040a in hierarchy is removed or moved to the bottom of the hierarchy, the record is bi directional merged

    Workaround: Remove the 040a from Hierarchy

    Not replicable in Voyager 8.2.2.

    • Article last edited: 3/17/2015