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    In Voyager MarcExport some MFHDs cause the export to fail, coredump

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 10.1.0 and earlier
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    In MarcExport, some MFHDs fail to export, and cause export process to coredump and stop.

    Defect Status

    VYG-7245 is resolved in Voyager 10.2.0 and later.

    Replication Steps

    1. Connect to customer environment (see Environment details)
    2. Attempt to run a MarcExport using the attached list, and -rG (bib-mfhd groups)
    3. Process attempts to export groups, and exports first 3 bib records and their mfhds, but excludes 1 mfhd (the broken one) from each before it finally stops with "Memory fault(coredump).


    Remove bib_id from file, and then manually export records using the Catalogin client.

    Additional Information

    Example of log:

    Record Type:      BIB
    Export Mode:      MARC ID Input File
    Export Target:    ../local/broken_mfhds.txt
    Output File Name: /m1/voyager/uhidb/rpt/marc.exp.20170602.0629
    (# = 100 records)
    associated with bib record 1973065
    associated with bib record 1999417

    associated with bib record 2019367
    Memory fault(coredump)


    The fix in Voyager 10.2 is to not have the export core dump when encountering a problematic record.  

    • Article last edited: 26-Nov-2019