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    Is there a way to put Voyager clients in read-only mode for Alma cutover?

    • Product: Voyager, Alma
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare


    Is there a way to put Voyager clients in read-only mode, apart from changing staff permissions? We especially need that for the Alma cutover period where we have two kinds of freezes:

    1. Technical services freeze (suspension of activity in cataloging and acquisitions; fulfillment and OPAC remain active)
    2. Fulfillment freeze (suspension of activity in cataloging, acquisitions and fulfillment; OPAC in read-only)


    This is not available outside of editing operator permissions.

    • You could disable the server processes as for Acquisitions when running FPC, but this would not allow ANY access to the clients at all. And, when turned back on, you would still be able to read and WRITE to the database. We do not recommend that option.
    • To set operator permissions to read-only, either
      • Uncheck any edit/delete permissions in all profiles for each module's security profiles; or
      • Create profiles without edit/delete permissions for each module and move all operators into these read-only profiles.
    • When the fulfillment freeze happens, you will also need to limit patron fulfillment activities via WebVoyage. See How do I disable patron activities in WebVoyage? for instructions.

    • Article last edited: 24-Oct-2018