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    McAfee and other anti-virus programs prevent Voyager Reporter from sending out email notices

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    Voyager Reporter can be prevented from sending out email notices such as Overdue Notices by anti-virus software like McAfee running on the PC.

    Often times when this happens you may see an RTE  (Run Time Error) 10061 ("Connection is forcefully rejected.") or RTE 75.

    Or Reporter may hang or stall when trying to send emails to the email server.

    This is because the anti-virus software determines because of its testing of the SMTP server and subsequent mass/batch sending out of email notices that Reporter is a spam agent (sometimes referred to as a "spambot") and prevents it from working.  In other words, the anti-virus software is blocking email messages from being sent from the PC to the mail server.


    To fix this you can try the following in order to modify the exceptions list for the anti-virus software (this specific example is from McAfee but may be applicable to other anti-virus products):

    • Open McAfee's ViruScan console
    • Click on Unwanted Programs Policy
    • Add Reporter.exe to the exclusions list.
    • Click on Access Protection
    • Uncheck Prevent mass mailing worms (for port 25)
    • And then reboot the PC.

    Alternatively, contact your IT department for assistance.



    • Article last edited: 31-Oct-2019