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    Message "Upload of FILENAME to /incoming/ failed. Error writing to file." when upload file via WebAdmin

    • Product: Voyager

    Problem Symptoms

    • Message when uploading EDI file in WebAdmin: Upload of {filename} to /incoming/ failed. Error writing to file.
    • incoming and outgoing directories under /m1/voyager/xxxdb/edi/ owned by voyager:exlibris with permissions 755


    WebAdmin process runs as nobody:nobody; directory permissions do not allow this user/group write access.


    Directory permissions for incoming and outgoing directories should be 757 by default.

    1. SSH to server as voyager user
    2. cd /m1/voyager/xxxdb/edi
    3. chmod 757 incoming
    4. chmod 757 outgoing

    • Article last edited: 07-Nov-2018
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