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    New features in Global Data Change for Voyager 9.0

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 9.0
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    What changes were made in Global Data Change (GDC) for Voyager 9.0?


    New GDC features in Voyager 9.0 include:

    • Suppress/Unsuppress and SuppressAll/UnsuppressAll (Suppress and Unsuppress bibliographic and holdings records)
    • Delete/DeleteAll (DeleteAll deletes all records in a hierarchy unless there are attachments, in that case it suppresses them)
    • Match Job (Create a record set by matching MARC records in a file)
    • Status in Preview (additional information for changes or issues)
    • Export File of MARC Records (export files of MARC records from GDC)
    • Export File of Record IDs (can be used to run MarcExport or Pick and Scan)
    • Owning Library (limit records in set to include or exclude library; limit changes to records to specific library)

    Subsequent versions of Voyager provide additional new features to GDC such as:

    • Authority Control (process an authority file and prepare sets of records to be used to update authority records in Voyager)
    • Copy Rules (copy existing rule to create a new rule)
    • Update OK to Export (update the OK to Export flag)
    • Change Owning Library (change the owning library)
    • Sort Tags (sort MARC tags into user defined order)
    • Create Record Set from a Range of Record IDs (create a record set from a range of record IDs)
    • New rule conditions (MARC Field Exists and Does Not Have, MARC Field Value... Does not contains, MARC Field Value... Starts With, OPAC Suppress Flag is... Suppressed/Unsuppressed)
    • Insert new subfields in specified order

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