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    Primo Extract: If ITEM_STATUS=0, extract does not extract all records eligible

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.1.2

    Issue 16384-17569

    Module: Primo Extract
    Server platforms affected: replicated on Solaris
    Release replicated in: 8.1.0
    Last version without bug: 8.0.0

    Expected results:
    The Primo Extract would run to completion and extract all eligible records.

    Actual results:
    If the new feature in 8.1.0, “IncludeReserveListItemsSuppressedBibs”, is set to Y in the PrimoExp-Publishing.ini, the extract will stop and will not extract all eligible records.
    Will get “FATAL com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.ExtractBibs - ExtractBibs::doRequired**** Caught
    java.lang.NullPointerException” followed by “- processing returned=-3”.

    Replication steps:

    This bug happens when an item has a item_status=0.

    In the PrimoExp-Publishing.ini, make sure the new feature for 8.1.0 is set to Y:


    Check that the ChangedSince.txt will pick up the item.

    Run the Publishing extract: -f /m1/voyager/voydb/ini/PrimoExp-Publishing.ini

    Will get this printed out to the screen:

    " [main] INFO com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExp - Performing com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.ExtractBibsPrimo@cafb56
    21003 [main] FATAL com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.ExtractBibs - ExtractBibs::doRequired**** Caught
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.Item.mapValue(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.SummarizeItemsTrans.addItemAvailability(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.SummarizeItemsTrans.addItemAvailability(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.SummarizeItemsTrans.getAvailabilityData(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.SummarizeItemsTrans.execute(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.ExtractBibsPrimo.visit(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.ExtractBibs.doRequiredBibs(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.ExtractBibs.doRequired(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExp.runTask(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.Extract.doProcessing(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExp.execute(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExp.main(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExtract.runSingleThreaded(
    at com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExtract.main(
    21033 [main] ERROR com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExp - run of com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.ExtractBibsPrimo@cafb56 completed with an error(s)
    21071 [main] INFO com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.Extract - Disconnected from database
    21072 [main] INFO com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.Extract - Simple status

    21073 [main] INFO com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.Extract - ************************* START OF SUMMARY ***********************
    In 6 visit(s) took 4470 millisecs for doing 5 with 0 errors
    In 6 visit(s) took 122 millisecs for doing 6 with 0 errors
    In 1 visit(s) took 110 millisecs for doing 9 with 0 errors
    In 1 visit(s) took 28 millisecs for doing 2 with 0 errors
    In 1 visit(s) took 374 millisecs for doing 1 with 0 errors
    In 1 visit(s) took 30 millisecs for doing 3 with 0 errors
    In 17 visit(s) took 26 millisecs for doing 0 with 0 errors

    21074 [main] INFO com.endinfosys.voyager.extract.Extract - ************************** END OF SUMMARY ************************
    21075 [main] INFO com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExp - processing returned=-3
    21076 [main] INFO com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExp - Wrote 5 records to 1 file in /m1/voyager/voydb/primo/Publishing/bundled/
    21077 [main] INFO com.endinfosys.voyager.primo.PrimoExp - Extract completed in 15 seconds"

    Please note that the ChangedSince.txt does not get updated with the run date of the extract.

    f you unzip the bundled files, you will see that the bib attached to the item was not extracted

    Fixed in Primo Extract in 8.1.2

    Logs error on records with item_status=0 instead of Fatal except. Processing continues.

    • Article last edited: 3/16/2015