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    SA / GDC: Locations in GDC security profile can be deleted

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.0.0

    Problem Symptoms:

    • Previewing record set with associated Data Change Rule sets results in error message: "Failed to retrieve preview records."
    • Global Data Change data change jobs fail or don't complete

    Defect Status

    Issue 16384-18017/VYG-456 is fixed in Voyager 8.1.2.

    If you are experiencing the symptoms above, contact Voyager Support for assistance.

    Replication steps:

    1. In SysAdmin, create a new location in System > Locations. Note the location_id for this new location in the database.
    2. Add the newly created location to a GDC Security profile in Security > GDC Security Profiles > [profile].
    3. Go back to the Locations area and delete the location; location will be deleted
    4. In the database, query for the location_id in the security profile: select * from gdc_security_locs where location_id=[location_id from first step];
    5. Note that the rows associating the deleted location with the security profile are still in the database.
    6. If you go into GDC and use the Preview tab to preview a data change, get "Failed to retrieve preview records"
    7. If you try to run a data change job, job will remain in a status of "Running" in the Job Management, but will fail & not complete, and will log ERROR com.exlibris.voyager.jobd.JobExecutor - Job Failed to run properly: null in jobd.log


    Going forward, ensure that the location is moved from Selected to Available in all GDC Security Profiles prior to deleting in SysAdmin.


    • Article last edited: 04-Feb-2014