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    SYSADMIN:Change Base Currency:price PO/Invoice 10.00->10000,can't create item

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager

    Module: Sysadmin
    Related module: Acquisitions
    Reported in: Voyager 7.1.0
    Replicated in: 5-7.2.3

    Expected results: Users should not be able to change the Currency Code, Decimals or delimiter in the Base Currency section of Sysadmin.

    Actual results: Users are able to change every setting in the Base Currency section of Sysadmin.

    For example, if you change the Base Currency’s Currency Code in Sysadmin, purchase orders and invoices created before the change will display without the decimal point. The price in the database is correct; but the CURRENCY_CODE in INVOICE and PURCHASE_ORDER is the old Code.

    Workflow implications: Operators alarmed; appears Acquisitions data is bad.

    1. In Acquisitions, look at a PO or Invoice in the Base Currency of the system. Or create a PO/Invoice in the Base Currency.
    2. Note the Price (e.g. $10.00). Close Acquisitions.
    3. System Administration > System > Base Currency, edit so Currency Code is different (e.g. change from USD to USA).
    4. Log into Acquisitions again and retrieve the PO/Invoice from step 1.
    5. Look at the price. It will display without the decimal places (e.g. 10000).

    Workaround: Delete every PO and Invoice created since the change to the Base Currency was made. Change the Base Currency back to what it was.


    • Article last edited: 3/3/2015