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    Title not displaying in results for some records after regen

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 7.2.0

    Problem Symptoms

    • Recently ran keyword regen on database server
    • No errors in logs or any other evident problem
    • /m1/voyager/xxxdb/data directory is populated with files and files have correct permissions
    • Some records in search results in Cataloging and WebVoyage don't show title or other result field data, but some do


    New bib_text file was generated by regen and voyager.ini needed to be updated on other servers in split server environment.


    1. Connect to database server / server where regen was run.
    2. In /m1/voyager/xxxdb/data, note bib_text files.
    3. In /m1/voyager/xxxdb/ini note BIBTEXTDIR= lines in voyager.ini file. There should be a line for each file that was in the /data directory. E.g. if there are 2 bib_text files:
      • BIBTEXTDIR=$VOYAGER/$DATABASE/data/bib_text.1.tdr
      • BIBTEXTDIR=$VOYAGER/$DATABASE/data/bib_text.2.tdr
    4. Connect to app and/or web server (depending on your environment and setup).
    5. In /m1/voyager/xxxdb/ini, the new bib_text file is not referenced by the voyager.ini file.
    6. Add an entry for the new bib_text file so the voyager.ini file matches what's in the voyager.ini file on the database server: E.g.,
      • BIBTEXTDIR=$VOYAGER/$DATABASE/data/bib_text.3.tdr
    7. Save the change.

    • Article last edited: 08-Oct-2013
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