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Unable to re-link holding to different bib since bib linked to PO

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Voyager
  • Product Version: 8.2.0
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Total Care; Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local

Problem Symptoms:
* When user attempts to re-link holding record to another bib record via Cataloging > Record menu > Relink holding to bibliographic..., receives error:
"Unable to unlink the following bib records because they are linked to purchase order line items:
123456: bib record title
Holdings record has not been relinked."
* MFHD is associated with a PO line item.

Acquisitions line item data must first be re-directed from bib record A to bib record B

1. In Cataloging, click on holdings record attached to bib A so it is the active window
2. Go to Record menu > choose View Line Items in Acquisitions
3. Line Item window from Acquisitions will open
4. On Bib Record tab, click "Change Bib Record" button
5. Search window will open > search for title of bib record B
6. Choose title from Titles Index window; click OK
7. Change Holdings Records for Line Item Copies window will open; check "delete current holdings" checkbox
8. Click Save
9. Existing holdings record for bib A will be deleted; new holdings record created under bib B
10.Bib record A can now be suppressed or deleted, if desired

Additional Information

If you notice this as a change in behavior from a pre-8.2.0 version, it is because defect VYG-816 / 16384-17154 was fixed in 8.2.0 and now prevents relinking that will result in Acquisitions data that is out-of-sync with the record structure.

Category: Cataloging

  • Article last edited: 4/9/2014