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    Use Voyager Bulk Import to create a single MFHD for an existing bib record that has no holdings record

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    How do we add holdings, in batch, to a group of bib records in our database that have no MFHDs?


    You can use Bulk Import to do this.

    Basic steps:

    1. Using MarcExport, export the bib records that you want to create MFHDs for.
    2. Import the bib records, using a Rule that will:
    • Match on BIBID and Replace
    • Has Single MFHD > Bibs, MFHDs selected
    • Has Create PO/MFHD/Item for existing Bibs checked
    • Configure Mapping tab to specify the Voyager Location to be set in the new 852 subfield b.
    1. Test on a single record and review. 

    Your import log should look something like this, which shows the bib record was replaced (with its copy) and a single new MFHD created:


    I am 1681 ( started from process id: 1663 ).  I will be doing all of '/m1/voyager/tmp/cgipost-df948c0e794e9c685787b85ee40f2b44-1593.tmp' for you.

    The import code is "CR_MFHD" for this run.

    The Bib dup profile is "BBID" for this run.

    This import is using a rule that allows for creating Bibs and MFHDs.

    Warning:No cat_control_barcode profile found for [CR_MFHD].

    This import is using a rule for creating MFHDs and Items even when the incoming Bib is not imported.

    Expecting Marc21 UTF-8 Records

    Thu Aug 13 15:11:28 2020

    1(1):Duplicate Bibs above threshold: replace 1, warning 0.

                    BibID & rank

                    4000 - 100

                    REPLACE Existing DB Bib record replaced.

    MFHD_ID 78200 created.



    Processed:     1

    Added:         0

    Discarded:     0

    Rejected:      0

    Errored:       0

    Replaced:      1

    Merged:        0

    Deleted:       0

    Mfhds created: 1

    Items created: 0

    Thu Aug 13 15:11:29 2020


    Additional Information

    See also: Overview of Voyager bulk import process

    • Article last edited: 14-Aug-2020
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