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    Voyager Acquisitions keyboard shortcuts

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    What Voyager Acquisitions keyboard shortcuts are available?


    As with most Windows programs, there are very helpful keyboard equivalents in Voyager that can be used instead of clicking with the mouse. Keyboard equivalents usually begin with the ALT key followed by the underlined letter of a command word in the menu. 

    Note: In order to see the underlined letter available for keyboard commands at all times (before pressing the ALT key), you may need to adjust your Windows display configuration. Consult your Windows documentation for help.

    If you have problems using special keys, contact your I.T. Department for assistance.

    Icon, Menu, and Keyboard Equivalents (keyboard equivalents are case-insensitive)


    ICONS (on left of screen) and Keyboard Equivalent

    Orders>New Purchase Order: Alt-F, N, O

    Invoices>New Invoice: Alt-F, N, I

    Orders>Search>Purchase Order: Alt-F, S, O

    Order Maintenance>Problems: Alt-V, M, P

    Order Maintenance>Claims: Alt-V, M, C

    Ledgers and Funds > Currency: Alt-V, L, <enter>, C

    Check-In: Alt-V, C, C

    Ledgers and Funds >New Rollover Rules: Alt-V, L, <enter>, R


    Items on the Tool Bar and Keyboard Equivalent

    File>New>Purchase order: Alt-F, N, O

    File>New>Invoice (Other new items available in this list): Alt-F, N, I

    File>Search>Purchase Order (Other searches available in this list): Alt-F, S, O

    View> Order Maintenance >Problem List: Alt-V, M, P

    View>Order Maintenance>Claims List (Other items available in this list): Alt-V, M, C

    View>Ledgers and Funds> Currency: Alt-V, L, <enter>, C

    View>Ledgers and Funds>Rollover Rules: Alt-V, L, <enter>, R

    View>Check-In: Alt-V, C, C

    Tools > Defaults: Alt-T, D

    Tools>Preferences: Alt-T, P

    Tools>Workflows: Alt-T, W

    Help: Alt-H, H


    Menu Choices 


    File Tool Bar and Keyboard Equivalent

    File Menu: Alt-F

    File>New: Alt-F, N

    File>Close all Windows: Alt-F, C

    File>Search: Alt-F, S

    File>Print Setup: Alt-F, R

    File>Login Information: Alt-F, I

    File>Change Password: Alt-F, W

    File>Exit: Alt-F, X


    View Tool Bar and Keyboard Equivalent

    View Menu: Alt-V

    View>Orders: Alt-V, O

    View>Invoices: Alt-V, I

    View>Ledgers and Funds: Alt-V, L

    View>Vendors: Alt-V, V

    View>Check-In: Alt-V, C

    View>Order Maintenance: Alt-V, M

    View>EDI: Alt-V, E

    View>Line Items: Alt-V, L, L


    Navigating in a Purchase Order


    Navigating Within a PO and Keyboard Equivalent

    To move from field to field in the header and footer and from cell to cell in the line items Tab key: Shift-Tab

    To expand the drop-down menus: F4 key

    Click on tabs within the PO (e.g. Header, Footer): Alt- (letter underlined in the button name) (e.g., Alt-O for Footer)

    To highlight New: Alt-F, N

    To highlight Search: Alt-F, S

    To open the icon in the upper left corner (move, size, minimize, maximize, close): Alt-spacebar


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